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Black cumin seed oil, Hemostasis, Healthy-smoker volunteer, Open-label clinical trial


Objective: The objective of the study was to determine the effect of consumption of black cumin seed oil (BCSO) on platelet count, clotting time (CT), and bleeding time (BT) in healthy-smoker volunteers (HSV).

Methods: Participants were 39 healthy male smokers aged 18-66 y. Participants were divided into four groups randomly. The treatment group received BCSO for thirties days in 3x1, 3x2, and 3x3 capsules/day doses. The placebo group received a placebo preparation. We measured CT, BT, and platelet count on day 31. An analysis of the mean difference between CT, BT, and platelet counts was performed using one-way ANOVA.

Result: The results showed that the CT, BT, and platelet counts in all groups were within normal. Consumption of BCSO for 30 d did not affect CT, BT, and platelet counts of HSV. The results of the analysis of the mean difference test between groups of CT, BT, and platelet counts indicated that there was no difference with p>0.05.

Conclusion: We concluded that the 30-day BCSO consumption did not affect the CT, BT, and platelet count values in HSV.


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