• Hayam Mahmoud Lotfy Analytical chemistry department, faculty of pharmacy - cairouniversity, kasr el-aini post, et-11562cairo, egypt
  • Ezzat Mohamad Abdel-moety Analytical chemistry department, faculty of pharmacy - cairouniversity, kasr el-aini post, et-11562cairo, egypt
  • Eman Galal Nouman makin research center(mrc), 9 zone,nasr city,cairo,egypt


Betamethasone, Clioquinol, Degradation, HPLC, Stability, potential interferents


Objective: To develop and justify a validated simple and selective RP-HPLC method for simultaneous determination of betamethasone valerate (BETA), clioquinol (CLIO) together with their potential interferents including their proposed degradation products, the preservatives methyl paraben (MPB) and propyl paraben (PPB) as well as gentamycin and tolnaftate.

Methods: Degradation products of betamethasone and clioquinol were prepared then the technique was built using an efficient chromatographic separation on a Zorbax C18 column (25 cm×4.6 mm, 5.0 μm) using water- methanol-acetonitrile- glacial acetic acid (394: 50: 550: 6, v/v/v/v) as mobile phase and the eluent was monitored at 275 nm.

Results: The developed method was linear over the concentration ranges of 12-240 mg mL-1, 30-3000 mg mL-1, 7-140 mg mL-1 and 3.5-70 mg mL-1 forBETA, CLIO, MPB and PPB, respectively, with high degree of accuracy and precision.

Conclusion: The method was successfully applied for the analysis of BETA and CLIO in their pharmaceutical preparations and their combined formulation with gentamycin and tolnaftate. Recoveries were quantitative, and the results obtained agreed with those obtained by official methods.


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