• Senthil Rani Soundharajan Department of Biotechnology, Anna University, Regional Centre, Coimbatore 641047, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Renuka Devi Ponnusamy Department of Biotechnology, Anna University, Regional Centre, Coimbatore 641047, Tamil Nadu, India


n-hexane, Ethyl acetate, Flavonoid, FT-IR, Phenol


Objectives: The present study, aimed to determine and characterize the chemical constituents of Cassia auriculata flower extract by qualitative, quantitative and analytical techniques.

Methods: Preliminary Phytochemical, total flavonoid and phenol content was determined in the methanolic extract of C.auriculata (CAFMEt) using standard methods. C-18 silica gel based column chromatography was used to purify CAFMEt using n-hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol and fraction identified by thin layer chromatography. GC-MS and FT-IR techniques used to characterize the lead fraction.

Results: CAFMEt showed the presence of flavonoid and Phenols in a significant amount. Three fractions was collected from column chromatography viz., Fraction 1-3 (n-hexane: yellow) was 2.5mg, (ethyl acetate: light orange) 1.8mg and (methanol: light green) 5.67mg respectively. TLC indicated n-hexane has higher refractive factors 0.457 at yellow band and ethyl acetate fraction has 0.329 at light orange band. 14 chemical constituents were identified by GC-MS included alkanes, alcohol, esters and hydrocarbons. The major peak showed the presence of 4-(4-methylphenoxy) phenol at 22.53%. Infra red spectra revealed the presence of phenolic groups in hexane fraction.

Conclusion: Further studies will be carried out the pharmacological potential of n-hexane fractions of flowers of C.auriculata.


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