• Shrinath Shah Department of Pharmaceutics, Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Limda, Vadodara, Gujarat-391760 India
  • Sulekha Bhadra Department of Pharmaceutics, Parul Institute of Pharmacy, Limda, Vadodara, Gujarat-391760 India


Celecoxib, Transmucosal route, In-situ gel, Partial factorial study, Pharmacokinetic study


Objective: The main aim of the present study was development of mucoadhesive insitu gel for transmucosal delivery of celecoxib to increase its bioavailability by avoiding first pass metabolism. In the present study, transmucosal route was used for delivery of celecoxib so as to bypass the first pass metabolism seen in drug with oral route.

Methods: Temperature sensitive bio-adhesive in situ gel was prepared for the delivery of celecoxib in the rectal cavity. Optimization of the formulation was done using partial factorial (2[4-1]) design considering the concentration all the excipients as independent variables.

Results: The optimized formulation containing 0.71% polymer, 3.5% NaCl, 9.12% PEG 400, 0.5% sodium lauryl sulfate was found to possess gelling temp 38 C, bio adhesion strength 4.05 g/cm2 and 88.39%  in vitro drug release in three hours. Pharmacokinetic study of the optimized batch was performed in male Wistar rats. It was found that the bioavailability of in situ formulation was increased by 1.54 folds as compared to that of the marketed formulation by same route.

Conclusion: It was concluded that development of mucoadhesive insitu gel for transmucosal delivery of celecoxib was found to be a promising approach to obtain celecoxib drug with increased in the bioavailability of the drug.


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