• R. Sathya Centre for Research and Development PRIST University, Thanjavur 613403. Tamil Nadu, India
  • T. Ushadevi Centre for Research and Development PRIST University, Thanjavur 613403. Tamil Nadu, India


Mangroves, Actinomycetes, Diversity, Streptomyces, Enzyme sources


Objective: To explore the systematic diversity of mangrove actinomycetes as well as screening of top valued enzymes

Methods: The target sampling region was selected on Muthupet mangrove forest, Tamilnadu, India. Soil samples were collected at a depth of 15-25 cm from the land to the marine. All isolates were identified by classical approach by means of morphological, physiological and biochemical characterization. In addition, the ability of selective Streptomyces isolates producing important enzymes such as amylase, protease, lipases, esterase and gelatinase were screened for industrial application.

Results: In total, 205 actinomycetes were isolated from mangrove sediments and most of the genus belongs to Streptomycetes. Among, 35 morphologically distinct Streptomyces species were exhibited positive results for amylase (25%), Protease (21%), Lipase (16%), Esterase (17%) and Gelatinase (21%)

Conclusion: The research focused towards exploring marine actinomycetes as a source for enzyme reservoir to compensate current industrial demands.


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