• K. Vivekanandan JNT University, Ananthapur
  • V. Gunasekaran Rao’s college of pharmacy
  • G. Jayabalan Alwar College of Pharmacy


Colon specific drug delivery, Budenoside, Asthma & Chronotherapy


Objective: The objective of this research is to design and evaluate a colon specific drug delivery of budenoside using guar gum as enzyme dependent polymer.

Methods: Matrix tablets of Budenoside were prepared by using wet granulation technique with different proportions of guar gum and evaluated for different evaluation tests and release profiles.

Results: The formulations were studied for post compression parameters like hardness, friability, weight variation and drug content are in acceptable range of pharmacopoeial specifications. In vitro swelling and Invitro release studies was carried out at different pH ranges (1.2, 6.8 and 7.4). The release profile of budenoside from the matrix tablets is dependent upon the gelling property of guar gum and degradation of guar gum polysaccharide by colonic bacteria. High concentration of guar gum showed less drug release in the stomach as an enzyme dependent polymer. In vitro release data revealed that the presence of rat caecal content in dissolution medium showed the significant increase in drug release (97.12%), when compared to drug release study in absence of caecal content (76.86).

Conclusion: The results were subjected to study the release kinetics. The values of correlation coefficient indicated that the drug release followed Zero order drug release kinetics with Peppas drug release mechanism. In vitro drug release studies shows that guar gum with high concentration (25%) has optimum release in a controlled manner for 24 hours.



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Author Biography

K. Vivekanandan, JNT University, Ananthapur

Department of Pharmaceutics


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