• Lingheswar Sadhasivam Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai
  • Nibedita Dey Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai-600025
  • Arul Praksh Francis Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai
  • Thiyagarajan Devasena Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai


Chitosan encapsulated Insulin, Encapsulation efficiency, Transdermal patches, In vitro Permeation Study


Objectives: To develop a nanoparticle system with Chitosan for transdermal delivery of insulin.

Methods: Chitosan and Tripolyphosphate (TPP) were used to prepare the insulin loaded chitosan nanoparticles based on ionotropic gelation method and characterized using Zeta-sizer Nano ZS, Scanning electron microscopy and Optical Microscope. Transdermal drug delivery system of the formulated Insulin-chitosan Nanoparticles was prepared using solvent casting method.

Results: The results indicated that the nanoparticles were in the size range of 465 and 661 nm and exhibited quasi circular structure with better encapsulation efficiency. Controlled release Transdermal patches of insulin–chitosan nanoparticles were prepared using the polymer combinations HPMC, PVP K30 and PEG 400 with Tween 80 as plasticizer. The release rate of drug through patched increased simultaneously as the concentration of hydrophilic polymer was increased.

Conclusion: The encapsulated insulin drug was very effectively released by patch F3.



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Author Biographies

Lingheswar Sadhasivam, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai

Centre for Nanoscience and Technology

Nibedita Dey, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai-600025

Centre for Nanoscience and Technology

Research Scholar

Arul Praksh Francis, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai

Centre for Nanoscience and Technology
Research Scholar

Thiyagarajan Devasena, Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Anna University Chennai

Centre for Nanoscience and Technology

Associate Professor



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