Copy-editing & Typesetting

We offers a comprehensive and professional typesetting & copy-editing services to our authors as well as publishers, ensuring compliance with journal, publisher and international scientific rules and standards.

We have experienced copy editors with efficient knowledge in scientific, medical and economic journals.

Our copy-editing and typesetting services facilitates publishers with automatic checks that ensures consistency in presentation and accurate cross-referencing in the text. Spelling, grammar, units, symbols, punctuation, consistency and other style checks are also carried out on all papers.


We believe that copy-editing is an important stage and that adds value to your research work. While it is our responsibility to submit the article correctly (as specified on the Instructions for Authors page), For this, our copy editors has a valuable role in picking up any errors that you have missed and minimizing any delays by ensuring that problems are identified at an early stage.

Our copy editors takes the following responsibility of your work:

  • ensured clear sense of your work
  • correct any mistakes in Strict grammatical and punctuation errors rectification;
  • ensures correctness and consistency in spellings, and strictly follows journal instructions.
  • make sure that the paper is properly referenced using the right reference style
  • go through and cross-check the references and any tables and figures, to ensure they’re mentioned in the text


Our typesetters take the copy-edited file and create a paginated PDF document using the journal's layout style. You will see this as a PDF proof.