Journal Publication

A real publishing partnership

IAS publishes 15 journals in different disciplines. Now IAS has stepped forward for publication of journals with learned societies and institutions. IAS is dedicated to meeting the needs of academic and professional communities through publication of new journals in different disciplines and as well as established journals from learned societies and institution.

We offers

  • Strong and complete editorial and publishing support
  • open and collaborative partnerships with editors and societies
  • international marketing
  • quality editorial production and printing
  • fast distribution and efficient customer service.

Working with IAS will make partners confident and comfortable with high quality publication. IAS is large enough and have all resources needed for quality service to publishing partners and customers. IAS has capability to provide personal attention to our customer for quick and satisfactory response.

Publishing your journal with IAS

At every step IAS emphasize quality of service, professionalism and an understanding of the needs of editors and learned societies as our publishing partners. In this context IAS invites existing journals to discuss what IAS for production, marketing and editorial support.

IAS also strongly encourages ideas for new journals. IAS can provide an exclusive platform for publications of journals.

For detailed discussion and support feel free to contact at

Proposal for a new journal

IAS is looking for a proposal which covers the following key areas:

  • the aims and scope of the journal
  • the journal's rationale (why the journal is needed)
  • the envisaged editorial structure
  • the journal's format/level/approach

Editorial aims and scope

  • What are the aims and scope of the journal
  • Who is it for, at what intellectual level and what disciplines?
  • What disciplines or sub-disciplines will be covered?

One should try and identify core target fields.

Rationale for the journal

  • Why is the journal needed?
  • What is the background to the proposal in terms of the current and future development of the field?
  • How will the journal relate to relevant existing journals in the world and what will your journal offer that these do not?
  • How confident are you of not only finding an audience for the journal, but also of generating sufficient high quality contributions?

Editorial board and administration

  • Who would be the journal's editors?

As the journal is to be international, we would wish to see international scholars in prominent editorial positions. There are several ways to do this. For example, you could have one or more editors based in different regions (e.g. Europe, Asia, US, Asia-Pacific etc.) or an editor based in one of these locations with a couple of Co-editors based in the others.

  • Whom would you invite to be members of the editorial board?

Format of the journal

How would be the content and structure of the journal. For example:

  • How many issues would you envisage annually (We would suggest you to think for a tri-annual/quarterly journal).


  • When would you see the first issue of the journal being published?

In case it is an existing journal

Please let us know the following information

  • Starting year
  • the existing market
  • current subscription structure
  • current number of subscriptions with geographical break-up
  • current editorial board
  • reasons behind offering us your journal.