IPR Patent Drafting

Intellectual Property Rights

Innovare intellectual property services enables clients to develop comprehensive IP protection plans that take  full  advantage  of  patents,  trademarks,  copyrights  and  other  forms  of intellectual property. To create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) through conducting a workshop on patent and IPR that enable Universities, Industries, Government Department and Research development institutions for patent searches, patent drafting. Innovare Academic Sciences Pvt Ltd (IAS) works personally with persons to meet their requirements for patent, copyright and trademark information.

IAS IPR Services

1. Prior Art / State of Art search

2. Novelty/ Patentability Assessment

3. Validity/ Invalidation Search

4. Informative Search

5. Competitor’s Patent Search & Reviews

6. White Paper Writing.

7. Patent Drafting

8. Trademark

9. Patent Utilility

10. Copyright


Patent Searches

Patent searches play a very crucial role in protection and management of intellectual property. Various types of searches include prior art searches, patentability searches, validity/invalidity searches, novelty searches, FTO/infringement searches. Infringement  searches  are  performed  to  know  about  any  products  or  patents  are  infringing  with  your  non-terminated  patented invention. Freedom to Operate analyzes helps to launch the product without violating third party IP rights.  Invalidation searches conducted to assess if a patent can be invalidated by patents, products and other research articles, where such documents were not found at the prior art search performed at the patent office.

Patentability Search

A patentability search enables to check the patentability of an invention before applying for patent protection. The patentability search report helps a client in :-

  • Making the final decision of filing for patent registration.
  • In drafting a patent specification in highlighting the true novelty of the invention.
  • Suggests the specifics of the invention that can be patented and the scope of protection that would be granted.

The report  is a comprehensive search  report that cites  similar  patents  and relevant  literature  to  help  ascertain  the  probability of  a  patent  grant  to  an invention. The  patent  search  is  conducted  in patent  databases  that  cover  patents  from  around  the  globe.  Domain relevant- literature search is also conducted.  The  search  report  cites  details  of  the  relevant  patent/prior  art  documents,  along  with  our detailed  analysis  on  the  same.  Our  opinion  on  patentability  of the  invention  is  also  provided  in  detail.  Additionally, electronic copies of the patents are provided for our client's perusal.

Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search is conducted to mitigate the risks of infringement of patents in a particular region/country so that one can take a particular action, like launching, developing or producing a product, without infringing the IP rights of others. At  Innovare,  region  country-specific  comprehensive  FTO  searches  are  conducted  by  technical  experts  having  extensive  patent search experience along  with various patent search strategies,  wherein pending patent applications as well  as granted patents are analyzed. An FTO opinion detailing on IP rights, IP law relating to a particular jurisdiction, expiry dates of the patents and assessing how the patented claims might be invalid is rendered to our clients.

Validity/Invalidity Search

A patent validity/ invalidity search is to check whether a product is infringing a particular patent. Detailed  research  is  conducted to  determine  whether  the  claims  of a  particular  patent  are  valid  or invalid  when  analyzed  and compared to the prior art available on the date of filing. At Innovare, we conduct prior-art searches in databases, gather information from prosecution history or file wrapper and relevant literature. We go beyond simple claim comparison and understand the entire specification as it relates to the claims at issue.  Additionally,  physical  embodiments  of  the  products  and  evidence  of  sale  and  public  use  may  be  provided  wherever retrievable. Our search report typically consists of search report, claims and electronic copies of cited prior art. We provide clients with expert analysis as to possible prior art that can be used to invalidate/validate a patent.

Technology Landscape Studies

Technology  Landscape  studies  help  our  client  to  understand  a  particular  technology,  the  latest  development  involving  the technology and the strengths of the competitors. The study helps a client to take important decisions and strategies involving the technology and the strengths of the competitors. The study helps a client to take important decisions and strategies involving the R&D of a product, investing into certain areas of technology, identifying patent trends, understanding the competitors’ strategy amongst others. At  Innovare,  understanding  the  technology  domain  of  our  client's  interest,  an  exhaustive  search  and  detailed  analysis  of  the documents (patent  and non-patent literature)  is prepared. To  derive maximum value from  the available resources,  we represent the  data  graphically  and  a  detailed  taxonomy  of  the  technology  is  provided.  The report concentrates on detailed analysis on specific technologies and can be customized as per client's requirement.

Patent Watch Search

The patent watch and alert services are provided to update our client on the new and upcoming inventions in his chosen field of technology. The patent watches search can be tailor-made to suit your needs. The watch service can be used to monitor new patents pertaining to a particular technological field or in respect to a competitor's patents or such other criteria as requested. We alert our clients either through email or any other communication mode of their preference.

Patent Drafting

Patent drafting, besides being the most important document in the entire registration process, is also considered to be one of the most complex techno-legal documents. This document contains the aspects of the invention for which protection is sought. To  understand,  analyze,  interpret  and  draft  patent  applications  to  perfection,  we  have  a  strong  team. Our  patent  drafting  team  can  expertly  draft  patents  in  various  domains  of  science  and pharmaceutical technology. We have the experience of drafting patents in various technical fields. We, at Innovare, also have the software tools required for illustrating the patent drawings required along with the patent application.

Patent Analytics

Landscaping analysis can help us strategically analyze the product depth of the technology, major competitors in the domain, IP portfolios of the respective competitors, and the likelihood of overlap between the competitor's products and company's patents. On the other hand, Patent portfolio analysis is presented in the form of graphs and charts of the patents of a company, to identify the key patents, inventors, patent families, prosecution history.

Trademark Services

We provide assistance in every step of your trademark registration process and beyond.

Trademark Search

To assure that your trademark application will not be rejected in view of similar trademarks already appearing on the Trademark Registry and also to facilitate easy registration, a comprehensive trademark search is essential. We offer trademark searches of the name(s) you desire to register, having regard to the products/services you wish to offer. The report would list identical or similar marks appearing on the Registry. Additionally, we also advise our clients on how to avoid infringement and proceed for registration incase similar/identical trademarks do appear on the Trademark Registry.

Trademark Filing & Registration

Registering a trademark has its own advantages of gaining exclusive legal rights on your trademark and accords better protection of your mark. Innovare’s team of experienced trademark experts understands the nuances underlying such registration and is adept at handling trademark registration. We provide cost effective and efficient online trademark registration services in India.

Trademark Renewal

Trademark protection is accorded for a period of ten years, after which it needs to be periodically renewed every 10 years. If not renewed, the mark will be removed from the Trademark Register. Our trademark renewal service includes preparation of a renewal instruction letter, which undergoes our quality review process. The same is forwarded to the Trademark Registry Office and the docket records are updated.

Trademark Watch

To protect their trademark from  being infringed by others and for timely opposition, many  a time trademark monitoring services are  sought  by  clients  wherein  marks  published  in  the  Trademark  journal need  to  be  watched  and  clients  are  alerted  in  case similar trademarks appear.

Copyrights Services

Copyright devolves on the owner of a work as soon as it is created, but it is considered prudent to register your copyright since it ensure better legal protection against infringers. Copyrighted work could be a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. What is sought for is originality of the work. The terms of protection varies according to the kind of work. The total term of protection for literary work is the author's life plus sixty years.

IAS maintains trust, confidentiality, reliability and believes in fast services

IAS facilities include a comprehensive physical security policy to ensure that all customer processes, data and services are secure and protected at all times. IAS understands the critical role that technology plays in transferring critical functions to a third party. Our System includes:


Confidentiality is important task at IAS. There are strong firewalls within the teams working for a client. We have Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements, which are legally binding formal agreements. These are signed with our customers as well as with all our employees and everyone who interacts with us on your project in order to protect all your information completely.

Conflict Check

To start working on a project, we receive a technical disclosure for conducting a conflict check, and inform the client upon reviewing the same. We do not start with matters which conflict with our existing clientele.